Purita's Story


Purita is a toddler from a remote village in Bolivia. Her name means little pure one. And she's faced more sorrow in her two young years than anyone should endure in a lifetime. Her mother passed away when she was still a baby. Her father abandoned her, leaving her in the care of her older brothers and sisters. The villagers call her an orphan. Families in her community look after her the best they can.

Purita's homeland of Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. There aren't government programs for children, as we would know them. More than half of young girls and boys in Bolivia are malnourished. Purita shows the telltale signs: bloated belly, dark circles under her eyes and dangerously thin legs.

Thankfully for Purita, Save the Children is there to give her a fair chance at a growing up healthy and happy. Through our programs, she and her siblings have access to services, such as health and hygiene education. In Bolivia, Save the Children also focuses on reducing hunger and chronic malnutrition through a variety of programs. A nutrition survey showed a 5.6% reduction in chronic malnutrition in rural communities where we work. We've also made significant progress in improving household water and sanitation.

Girls like Purita are why we're dedicated to helping children in need. We work in poor and vulnerable communities in countries from America to Zimbabwe — saving one child at a time. Our caring staff helps provide lifesaving care for newborns, feed hungry children, educate girls and boys, fight child trafficking and respond to catastrophic disasters worldwide.

Sadly, we know firsthand that there are far too many children who aren't getting the help they need. And that's where YOU come in. Without compassionate people like you, children like Purita go without.

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