Sarah's Story


What does "go without" mean in America? It can mean no access to simple things like books, pre-school, healthy foods, and safe places to play and exercise — things that help children thrive and grow. It can mean being unable to see a future beyond poverty.

For girls like Sarah, it means growing up one of the poorest places in America: Cocke, Tennessee. In rural Tennessee, too many families live in broken-down mobile homes. Others go without heat and running water. Because money is tight, some feed themselves by hunting for squirrel and possum, and by growing meager vegetables.

Thankfully for Sarah, Save the Children is there to help her get a fair chance at a brighter future. She's in our afterschool program where she works on her reading skills with a caring tutor. What's more, she gets a healthy snack, exercise and a safe place to play with her friends.

And when Sarah's town was struck by a tornado last year, Save the Children provided kid-friendly relief supplies such as books and toys. We also trained emergency responders to help take care of kids who are sad and scared — the little ones having a hard time coping with the tragic disaster.

Girls like Sarah are why we're dedicated to helping children in need. We work in poor and vulnerable communities in countries from America to Zimbabwe — saving one child at a time. Our caring staff helps provide lifesaving care for newborns, feed hungry children, educate girls and boys, fight child trafficking and respond to catastrophic disasters worldwide.

Sadly, we know firsthand that there are far too many children who aren't getting the help they need. And that's where YOU come in. Without compassionate people like you, children like Sarah go without.

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