Meet Esther, age 2 months


Esther's mother, Laudiene, had a complicated pregnancy, and little Esther was born too soon — at 28 weeks, weighing just over two pounds — in impoverished north-east Brazil.

Premature birth creates complications for babies everywhere. But in Brazil, a country of vast economic inequality, where being born rich or poor can mean the difference between life and death, Esther is blessed to be alive. In fact, her mother, Laudiene, calls Esther "a great warrior."

Esther and her mother are both fighting for Esther's life, with the help of health professionals trained by Save the Children in effective lifesaving strategies for premature babies, including exclusive breastfeeding and "Kangaroo Mother Care." This is the simple, proven method of wrapping a baby skin-to-skin against the mother's chest (like a kangaroo's pouch) to keep the baby warm, prevent infection and encourage breastfeeding and bonding.

Now Laudiene counts the days — and the pounds Esther is gaining — to determine when she can bring her baby home, healthy and growing.

Kids like Esther are why we're dedicated to helping children in need. We work in poor and vulnerable communities in countries from America to Zimbabwe — saving one child at a time. Our caring staff helps provide lifesaving care for newborns, feed hungry children, educate girls and boys, fight child trafficking and respond to catastrophic disasters worldwide.

Sadly, we know firsthand that there are far too many children who aren't getting the help they need. And that's where YOU come in. Without compassionate people like you, children like Esther go without.

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