Making Halloween Sweet for Children After Hurricane Sandy

Blog from the field where Save the Children is working to help kids cope with Hurricane Sandy. Read the post and find out how you can help!

By Steve Wells, Emergencies Logistics Manager

Jenna has some much-needed fun with Save the Children's Amy Richmond at a Hurricane Sandy Shelter in New Jersey. Photo credit: Sarah Thompson / Save the Children

Jenna has some much-needed fun with Save the Children's Amy Richmond at a Hurricane Sandy Shelter in New Jersey.
Photo credit: Sarah Thompson / Save the Children

Halloween brought a different kind of scary to the East Coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. At a time when kids usually dress up and enjoy spooky fun, it was dark because the power was out and homes looked haunted due to Hurricane Sandy's rage. For the kids, Halloween had been cancelled. And that's a shame because our world is always in need of more superheroes and princesses.

On Halloween, Save the Children deployed relief workers to New Jersey, to respond to the needs of children and families hit hardest by the storm. And we need your support to give them the help they need.

It's obvious from downed powerlines, blown stoplights, crushed houses—that Sandy was a devastating force that will cost billions in damages. But more costly is the toll it could take on our little ones. But when we brought a Child Friendly Space kit to a shelter, the kids' eyes lit up brighter than any Jack-o-lantern I've ever seen. Jenna, an irrepressible five-year-old who had planned on dressing as Strawberry Shortcake, exclaimed, "this is the best Halloween ever!"

It turns out a celebration, even a Halloween celebration, needs more than costumes and candy - it needs hope. And that's what, together, we can give children impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

I've met families who homes are uninhabitable and will have to stay in shelters for the foreseeable future. We've spoken with volunteers who are desperate for the kid-friendly resources we provide. And we've seen children who are sad and confused, not quite knowing how to deal with their family's losses and unstable post-storm living situations.

That's where Save the Children comes in. Our Child-Friendly Space program gives girls and boys the structured activities and playtime they need to help them begin to cope with the disaster – and get back to being kids.

I hope you'll support Save the Children as we continue our response to Hurricane Sandy.

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