Donors and Readers with a Cause: Peter and Susan Linz

Save the Children donors Peter and Susan Linz in front of Logos Books

Save the Children donors Peter and Susan Linz in front of Logos Books.

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Save the Children donors are a special and diverse group — from school children to retirees, from Main Street to Wall Street. What they all have in common is a desire to improve the lives of children whose needs are great and futures uncertain. Meet two special, long-time supporters whose business is devoted to making the world a better place for children: Susan and Peter Linz of Davis, California.

Susan and Peter always dreamed about running a book-selling business when they retired from their life-long careers in academia. Susan was a French and ESL teacher and Peter a University Computer Science Professor. But their plan was not just to sell books and make a bit of extra money for themselves – instead their dream was to link their love of learning and literature with a business venture that would directly benefit others.

Susan and Peter decided that all profits from their work would go – not in their pockets – but to organizations dedicated to providing services that give a hand-up to people in need. And from that seed of an idea, a terrific second-hand bookstore sprouted online in 2000 and then blossomed as Logos Books in 2010, currently the only used- bookstore in their busy college town.

The Linz's chose two organizations to support: Save the Children and Doctors without Borders, groups that work throughout the world to provide life-enhancing and life-saving programs for children and families in poor, remote areas whose needs are great and services scarce.

Why do they do it? Susan explains, "As former educators we believe that the health and education of future generations is of paramount importance." And that they chose Save the Children, "Because Save the Children has the future of our children at the heart of its mission, and continues to do an excellent job nurturing it."

Over the years, Susan and Peter have raised tens of thousands of dollars and direct their contributions to regions where the need is the greatest. For Save the Children, that has meant critical support where access to quality education and maternal and child healthcare is inadequate; children's right to protection and inclusion is not recognized; and conflicts and natural disasters put their lives and futures in jeopardy.

Not surprisingly, given the Linz's commitment to good citizenship, Logos Books is an inclusive and active space that both involves and serves the community. The store hosts monthly Spanish and French language circles, and provides local writers and artists a place to present and discuss their work, transforming Logos from just a building that sells books to an active hub of community activities. Susan says, "We feel a strong tie to our community and we have created a space where people can congregate. We nurture our own immediate community and feel that we also help nurture those communities much further away. Our clients appreciate the connection to a larger world."

To the Linz's, "the future involves not just our own children, but the children of others as well." Everyone wins, but especially the children who Save the Children serve every day.

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