Investing in Girls Brightens All Our Futures

What happens when you give girls' like Shathi a voice? Watch the video to see how empowering girls makes a difference.

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Girls Helping Girls: End Child Marriage

Like many girls living in poverty, Shathi, featured in this video, was forced to marry young and drop out of school. She had her first child at 15. Sadly, Shathi’s story is all too familiar for millions of girls. That’s why for more than 90 years, gender equity has been one of our core principles – central to our work in supporting health, education and economic opportunity. See her story in the video on this page

Top Five Reasons to Invest in Girls

The evidence is clear. When girls thrive, all children have a better chance to grow up happy and healthy. Did you know that investing in girls ...

  • Saves lives. Death in childbirth and domestic violence drops dramatically for girls who stay in school and get married after they complete their education.
  • Creates prosperity. For every year a girl stays in school, their earning potential increases by as much as 25%. Ninety percent of their income supports their families, helping to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Reduces hunger. Rural women produce half the world’s food, as much as 80% in some developing countries - but girls often eat last and least putting them at increased risk for malnutrition.
  • Makes all children healthier. If girls stay in school, the mortality rate of their children under the age of five is cut in half.
  • It’s the right thing to do. Women and girls comprise 70% of the world’s poorest people. They need our help.

What You Can Do

We can’t do it alone.  And we need help from caring people like you to support all of our work, including programs for girls’ education, health and empowerment, and so much more for children around the world. 

$30 can provide three new mothers with essentials like soap, baby blankets, guidance on breastfeeding, baby caps and parental counseling. Give now

$70 can provide a girl can receive the books, learning materials and school access needed to learn and thrive. Give now



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