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American Express

Since 1998, American Express has supported Save the Children not only with donations for emergency relief and recovery efforts during times of crisis, but also with cause promotion, pro bono engagement, employee giving campaigns, and grants for leadership development training.

The mission of the American Express philanthropic program brings to life the company's deeply-held belief in good corporate citizenship by supporting communities in ways that resonate with the company's employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders.

Their ongoing and generous support exemplifies this commitment.

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American Girl

In 2010, American Girl introduced Shine On Now, a charitable initiative that encourages girls to be their best by providing ways for them to give back to their communities. Through Shine On Now, American Girl calls on girls across the country to collect books for Save the Children's U.S. Literacy Program. As a result, more than $460,000 in books and other materials were placed in the hands of children in rural America in the first year of the initiative. Since the launch of Shine On Now, American Girl has continued to support our literacy programs each year with books and funds to help us develop children's literacy skills and provide them with the guidance and support they need to grow as readers.

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Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of Save the Children's key pro bono partners. Our global relationship, in place for almost 20 years, has seen the group's consultants dedicate their time and expertise to collaborate with us on a number of international and domestic projects. Our partnership gives the BCG team the opportunity to apply skills normally associated with business consultancy to a different goal — improving the way we create change for children. In 2010, BCG consultants provided invaluable analysis and support during our response to the earthquake in Haiti and flooding in Pakistan.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb

With generous support from Bristol-Myers Squibb, Save the Children has been working in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia to combat tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, and educate communities in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV programs. The project aims to improve community awareness and knowledge about TB – its cause, transmission and prevention, as well as the importance of early detection and completion of treatment. Save the Children has been using our Maternal and Newborn Child Health platform to integrate TB prevention alongside Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS activities, working vigorously to enhance community knowledge to bring about improved care-seeking and, as a result, case detection, prevention and treatment.

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Carnival Corporation & plc

Carnival Corporation & plc is a long-standing emergency partner of Save the Children. They have generously supported our humanitarian responses to many large natural disasters, including the Asian Tsunami, the Japanese Tsunami, the Haitian Earthquake, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina and, most recently, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. During the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, Carnival generously offered us the Doc Holiday Bar aboard the Holiday Cruise Ship to use as an infant care room and child care center. The center served about 70 children daily while docked in Mobile, Alabama.

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Citi Foundation

Citi Foundation has been supporting Save the Children's programs around the world since the 1990s – we're proud to say Citi is one of our longest-standing corporate partners. Together we have implemented projects in Education, Emergency Response, HIV/AIDS, Youth Livelihoods, Financial Education and Microfinance in many countries throughout the developing world. Most recently, we have focused our joint efforts in programs that aim to unlock the potential of youth as income-earners and contributors to the social fabric of their communities. Through these programs, we strive to give youth a voice in their future by providing access to high-quality vocational training and financial education workshops to strengthen their vocational skills, life skills and, ultimately, their employability.

You can read Citi's latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report here


Cummins, Inc.

In June 2011, Cummins, Inc. and the Cummins Foundation entered into a three-year partnership with Save the Children to ensure that children in emergency situations have access to quality education in a safe and protective learning environment. Through their critical support and investments, Cummins, Inc. has enabled Save the Children to respond to acute and chronic crises across the globe through direct intervention and capacity building preparedness strategies. Most recently, through their funding we have been able to provide direct and immediate assistance to the children and families impacted by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, flooding in Zimbabwe and those displaced by the conflict in South Sudan.

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In partnership with Save the Children, the Walt Disney Company has committed over $3.5 million to emergency preparedness, response, and recovery efforts throughout the world. Often in combination with generous support from employees, Disney provides immediate support to children in crisis, including significant resources for the Haitian Earthquake, Hurricane Sandy in the eastern U.S. and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Additionally, Disney's talent has engaged in our programs to bring visibility and youth engagement to our work in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil through the Amigos por el Mundo platform, and trained microentrepreneurs in Vietnam with livelihood skills. Most recently, New York-based VoluntEARS spent a day preparing backpacks for our Get Ready, Get Safe program for children affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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Since 2005, ExxonMobil has partnered with Save the Children to strengthen international education and women's' opportunity initiatives, helping to provide a quality education and advance learning in underserved regions. The ExxonMobil Foundation has funded long-term projects in Egypt, Angola, and Indonesia, which includes building schools and ensuring that girls have access to an education. In 2008, ExxonMobil launched an education program called ‘Ishraq' in Egypt, which is an integrated curriculum designed to provide girls with literacy and life skills, enabling them to become confident adults with economic and political benefits. In total, ExxonMobil has contributed over $6 million to develop and expand such initiatives.

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General Electric

The GE Foundation has committed nearly $2.5 million to support Save the Children's education programs in Mali, Malawi and Honduras. With this funding, Save the Children has improved the quality of education for more than 30,000 children, while also addressing social and economic barriers to girls' education. Our integrated approach to equal education for girls and boys includes community mobilization, collaboration with local government agencies, teacher training, direct educational interventions and infrastructure improvements. Combined, these activities create a safe and welcoming environment in which children — particularly girls — can receive quality education. GE and Save the Children share a belief that this is a fundamental human right and a foundation for the quality of life every child deserves.

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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs has partnered with Save the Children to support children and their families who were affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011. Through the efforts of Goldman Sachs Foundation, Goldman Sachs Gives Donor Advised Funds, as well individual employee and partner gifts, $1.3 million has been committed to Save the Children's Japan Disaster Relief efforts. This helped Save the Children provide immediate relief to the families affected, and is supporting our long-term recovery plans to restore education and childcare in communities ravaged by the disaster.

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In 2013, the Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation made a generous three-year commitment to provide $750,000 for Save the Children's education in emergency programs for children affected by disasters and conflicts. The support enables us to address the education needs of crisis-affected children internationally and in the United States and build our core capacity in this essential area of emergency response. Through this support we have adapted Literacy Boost for emergency contexts to leverage our innovative, evidence-based program to counter the global rise in the number of children who finish primary school unable to read well enough to learn. The commitment to education work builds on the HP Company Foundation's strong support when disaster strikes. From Hurricane Sandy to Typhoon Haiyan; the Sichuan Earthquake to the Colorado Floods, the Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation and HP employees stand with us through Foundation Giving as well as Workplace Giving Activation and Matching Gifts.

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Jefferies has generously supported Save the Children's emergency relief efforts after the Japanese Tsunami, the Haitian Earthquake and Hurricane Sandy.

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Learn more about the Nike Foundation philosophy



Each spring, apparel manufacturer and retailer PVH has supported Save the Children's U.S. and international education and child protection programs through its annual PVH Cares initiative, which is promoted in approximately 700 of the group's outlet stores nationwide. Customers of PVH's Van Heusen, IZOD, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger outlet stores are encouraged to donate between $1 and $25 to the campaign when checking out at the store register. The company has also supported Save the Children's work in large-scale disasters such the tsunami in Japan and the tornadoes in Oklahoma in 2013, by hosting customer-focused in-store fundraising campaigns to raise critical contributions for Save the Children's relief efforts.

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Sony Corporation

In response to the massive 2011 earthquake in Japan, Sony Corporation teamed up with Save the Children to create the Restart Japan Aid Project. This effort centers on providing aid and recovery to victims of the disaster and child protection and care, education and creative activities, with a focus on psychological care for children throughout the affected areas. Restart Japan leverages the tremendous resources of the Sony Corporation to provide Save the Children with the means to help the people of Japan rebuild their lives. Sony has supported a number of Save the Children's other emergency response efforts around the world in recent years, assisting us with our responses to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013, the Oklahoma Tornadoes in 2013 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012 among other emergency responses.

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Starbucks' partnership with Save the Children to benefit children and families in coffee-growing communities is an important element of Starbucks' responsible sourcing approach. Together, in Indonesia's Aceh province, we are assisting 40 villages with improved health-care programs that focus on the needs of pregnant women and young children and early childhood development programs for children under the age of 5. In rural Guatemala, we have already brought bilingual, multicultural education to more than 11,500 students, with culturally appropriate curricula that emphasize their Mayan tradition. Starbucks “partners” (employees) have also contributed to the improvement of schools in Guatemala, donating funds to help establish libraries and playgrounds on the school grounds.

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Thanks to Target's generosity, children in India now have access to child-focused, inclusive teaching environments, and in China, early childhood care and development is improving for the children of migrants. Target has also worked with Save the Children to increase school retention in communities that grow coffee for its exclusive Archer Farms brand and, as part of its commitment to disaster relief, Target has supported Save the Children's response to numerous catastrophic events, most recently Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

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Towers Watson

Save the Children is honored to partner with global professional services company Towers Watson to create lasting change in the lives of children around the world. Donations from Towers Watson associates, combined with the company's corporate support, have totaled over $2.5 million for children in need. This generosity has made a difference in the lives of children across the globe, by funding our disaster relief efforts and humanitarian responses to the earthquake in Haiti and catastrophic storms in South Asia. The company has also helped us strengthen our education initiatives in conflict-affected countries, including Afghanistan, and extend a compassionate, caring hand to African children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Since 2010, Towers Watson has also supported Save the Children's global Campaign for Newborn and Child Survival — an effort that springs from the heart of our mission. Preventable, treatable diseases — including pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria — combine with birth complications to cause almost 90 percent of deaths in children younger than 5. In 1990, 12 million of the world's children died before reaching their fifth birthday. With the help of partners like Towers Watson, we are making significant progress in reducing that toll. We are grateful for Towers Watson's ongoing support, which helps us continue this important undertaking.

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Toys "R" Us, Inc.

Toys"R"Us, Inc. and the Toys"R"Us Children's Fund have a long-standing partnership with Save the Children to help ensure the safety of children in shelters and to support their emotional recovery in the wake of large-scale crises. Together, they have contributed more than $4.3 million in products and monetary grants to our programs that support the youngest victims of natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the tsunami in Southeast Asia. Toys"R"Us received a Corporate Recognition for Humanitarian Assistance honor for its disaster response work with Save the Children from InterAction, a coalition of U.S.-based international nongovernmental organizations focused on the world's poorest and most vulnerable people. In addition, the group's Bundled in Hope campaign, which benefits Save the Children's U.S. Programs, raised more than $2 million in cash donations in Toys"R"Us, Inc. stores and provided nearly $600,000 in grant funding from the Toys"R"Us Children's Fund, and helped deliver thousands of baby blankets to children in need across America. Expanding on their commitment, Toys''R''Us has introduced a reusable bag in stores, showcasing the artwork of a young child. One dollar from the purchase of each bag benefits Save the Children's Domestic Emergency Fund. Monies raised through this initiative will further strengthen disaster preparedness programs and relief efforts in the U.S. In conjunction with this initiative, the Toys''R''Us Children's Fund made a $100,000 donation to the Domestic Emergency Fund.

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Save the Children and Verizon have worked together for more than a decade, engaging Verizon's employees in Save the Children's global emergency response capabilities. We have also collaborated on an innovative computer literacy project in the Dominican Republic, which aims to ensure safe access to learning materials through technology to improve educational outcomes for children.

Read more about Verizon's commitment to social issues here


Walmart Foundation

In 2011, Save the Children received a $400,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation to provide new economic opportunities to women in San Pedro Masahuat, El Salvador, which suffered extensive damage during 2009's Hurricane Ida. Impoverished women from communities damaged by the hurricane have fresh opportunities to improve their lives and those of their families through this partnership between Walmart and Save the Children. The Foundation's support will help 3,000 women over the next two years, identifying women who are recognized as community leaders and providing them with the economic, marketing and technical skills they will need to start small businesses and, in turn, mentor others in income-generating activities. Save the Children anticipates that 10,800 women and their family members will directly benefit from the project. This is one of six initiatives that the Walmart Foundation will fund through its new Latin America Women's Initiative, which aims to empower women throughout South America.

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Warner Bros.

Through the award winning two-year We Can Be Heroes Campaign, Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and the Justice League increased awareness and funding to fight hunger in the horn of Africa. Through this innovative campaign, superheroes told the personal stories of children affected by the crisis and galvanized a global audience to take action, raising nearly $3 million in critically needed funding for the breadth of our humanitarian responses in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. This funding, pooled with other support, enabled us to reach 4.5 million children and adults through our food, nutrition, health, water and sanitation, child protection, emergency education and livelihoods programs. Save the Children was one of three beneficiaries of the campaign and was recognized at the 2013 Cause Marketing Forum with the Silver Halo Awards for both Best Print and Best Video.

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Wells Fargo

In 2012, Wells Fargo made a $1 million, two-year pledge to Save the Children's Early Steps to School Success program, which provides quality early childhood education via home visits to children under the age of 5 who are living in poverty. Together, Save the Children and Wells Fargo are giving more than 9,000 children in America's poorest rural communities access to early learning opportunities that they would not have otherwise had. Because of Wells Fargo's critical support of our Early Steps to School Success program, each year thousands of children will enter kindergarten ready to succeed and thrive.

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The Wrigley Company Foundation has joined forces with Save the Children to support School Health and Nutrition programming in six countries. The school-based programs will be implemented in China, Kenya, the Philippines, Tajikistan, Vietnam and Indonesia at a grass-roots level, addressing the needs of school-age children holistically, including their physical and oral health, and their nutritional needs. Health interventions will focus on increasing access to safe water and sanitation in targeted schools and the promotion of healthy behaviors among schoolchildren, including maintaining a clean school environment, hand-washing with soap, and practicing oral hygiene care, among schoolchildren. Programs will also have a strong community mobilization component and will involve teachers, parents and other key community members to ensure long term sustainability.

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Zynga, Inc.

Zynga Inc., the creator of FarmVille, has made donations to Save the Children through its social network games, contributing more than $3 million since 2010 to support programs benefiting children and families worldwide. Since its first Save the Children promotion in the game Yoville in 2010, Zynga promotions have run in games such as FarmVille, ChefVille and Castleville. In the games, Zynga players use real money to purchase virtual social goods to benefit Save the Children's programs.

Responding to the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan nearly as quickly as emergency workers, Zynga employees hustled to get campaigns up and-running, encouraging players to spring into action and connecting with survivors just 12 hours after the earth shook. Pitching in to help here at home in America when tornadoes ravaged communities in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and beyond, Zynga again quickly launched new virtual social goods across its game platforms to raise relief funds. The company has continued to raise funds through a pre-positioned widget during subsequent disasters. Games are available on a number of global platforms, including Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, and on iPad and iPhone applications. Through, Zynga players have raised more than $10 million for world social causes.

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