Corporate Partners: $5 Million and Above Lifetime Giving

Chevron Corporation

Chevron Corporation

Chevron Corporation joined forces with Save the Children in 2005 to help restore child-care centers in hard-hit areas of Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina. The company’s $2 million contribution to Save the Children supported the construction of two new child care centers in Mississippi's Harrison and Hancock Counties.

Chevron has supported many other Save the Children projects over the years, for example micro-enterprise programs in Vietnam and immunization programs in China. They have also helped us provide basic necessities to Syrian refugee children in Iraq and currently support a basic education program for out-of-school children in Bangladesh.

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In collaboration with Save the Children, The Walt Disney Company has made very significant commitments to emergency preparedness, response, and recovery efforts throughout the world.

With Disney’s assistance, we are engaging children to work on disaster preparedness plans with their families in places like China, Peru and India utilizing a co-developed Emergency Preparedness Activity Book. Disney characters combined with Save the Children emergency tools and tips, help get lifesaving information into the hands of the children we serve. During response and recovery efforts, Disney’s support has enabled us to respond faster by prepositioning supplies to bring relief to affected families as soon as an emergency strikes. We are also working together to create PSA assets to help get information out to the public and engage them in supporting our efforts as soon as disaster strikes. Additionally, Disney has made generous contributions to several global emergencies including the 2010 Earthquake and 2016 Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, Hurricane Sandy in the eastern U.S., Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and the Nepal Earthquakes.

We salute the creative ways in which Disney works to make a lasting difference in children’s lives, and are pleased to also be included in Marvel Studios: Hero Acts, a charitable program, which launched in 2016 and is focused on bringing help and hope to kids around the world. Fans were invited to post photos to unlock donations for Save the Children, helping provide much needed education programs and materials for as many as 123,000 children in Nepal, Haiti and the U.S.

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ExxonMobil has partnered with Save the Children since 2005 to strengthen international education and community development initiatives, helping to provide a quality education and advance learning in underserved regions. The ExxonMobil Foundation has funded long-term projects in Egypt, Angola and Indonesia. Their support has helped build schools and provides girls and women with equal opportunities to acquire life and economic skills to support their families. Altogether the Foundation and ExxonMobil employees have contributed over $7 million to Save the Children.

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Save the Children and Google have worked together in the U.S., Latin America, the Middle East and Europe. In total, Google has supported Save the Children with more than $5 million in donations to our child-centered humanitarian and development programs, with a strong focus on global emergency response. We have collaborated on multiple emergencies and have benefited from Google technology, such as Google Maps and Google Earth as well as customized solutions for responses which benefitted all NGO’s during the Nepal Earthquake as well as the European Refugee Crisis. Notably, Google supported Save the Children’s response to the Ebola crisis through a public-facing 2:1 match campaign promoted on their Google search page in the U.S. Google supported Save the Children’s response to the European Refugee crisis similarly, with a public 1:1 match campaign alongside their other NGO partners. Google has also supported Save the Children’s efforts to promote Internet safety among school-age children in Latin America, and we have benefited from Google employee engagement through the company’s annual “Googleserve” activities, and pro-bono engineering support around the world. Google also participates as an advisory member of Save the Children’s global Humanitarian Leadership Academy, which seeks to improve the emergency response capacity of domestic NGO’s in targeted regions around the world. In 2015, Save the Children presented Google with an award for their leadership commitment to supporting our work during times of crisis.

Keurig Green Mountain

Keurig Green Mountain

Keurig Green Mountain has teamed up with Save the Children to fund sustainable development programs and bring food security to families in coffee-growing communities in places like Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Indonesia. Keurig Green Mountain is committed to strengthening food security and economic development for families who depend on coffee production. They are helping farmers increase the diversity of their crops and their access to markets, improve food availability and storage, and farm in a more productive and environmentally friendly way, giving them the tools they need to live a better life. By mobilizing communities to help themselves and each other, and with an emphasis on involving women and youth in the economic development of their communities, Keurig Green Mountain's goal is to create a sustainable future for coffee farmers and their families

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View the film trailer for "After the Harvest," a documentary on "los Meses Flacos," featuring Save the Children programs in Nicaragua.



The Mattel Children’s Foundation and Save the Children first partnered in 2005, and we continue to work together to improve the lives of children in some of the poorest places in the world. With nearly $10 million in total giving, The Mattel Children's Foundation has supported our basic education and early childhood development programs in China, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Mexico and the U.S. Mattel also has a history of generously supporting Save the Children’s emergency responses and providing toys and games to children in our programs across the globe.

The Mattel Children’s Foundation, Fisher-Price and Save the Children are currently working on an innovative partnership engaging Fisher-Price toy designers in Hong Kong and Save the Children’s early childhood education experts in Indonesia to create a low-resource Emergent Literacy and Math Play Kit. The play kits are being developed in Asia to compliment Save the Children’s Early Childhood curriculum and encourage play for learning.

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MNI Targeted Media Inc.


MNI Targeted Media Inc., a Time Inc. company, is a proud partner for Save the Children, donating more than $5,000,000 worth of PSA ad space in some of the country’s most popular titles, including Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Time, Real Simple, Food & Wine, Rachael Ray Every Day, Elle Décor, and Money. With these pages, Save the Children is able to connect with extensive audiences across the country, sharing their mission and educating readers about the invaluable work they do to improve children’s lives across the globe, and right here at home.

Since 2010, MNI has been able to deliver Save the Children’s ads in almost 173 million subscriber magazines, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with MNI and the country’s most popular magazines to help raise awareness about our key initiatives.

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Merck is a major supporter of Save the Children's Newborn Child Survival program. With Merck’s support and generous funding, Save the Children is training 10,000 frontline health workers in Nepal to provide life-saving maternal, newborn and child health services and practices to mothers and children. This will move us significantly closer to our global goal of training 500,000 frontline health workers, our commitment to the SDGs. Additionally, through this partnership, Save the Children and Merck will raise awareness of and commitment to reducing maternal and child mortality by communicating about the life-saving role of frontline health workers around the world. These activities will increase and leverage awareness for our shared commitment to the critical need for frontline health worker trainings among international stakeholders, influential policy makersand the public.

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PepsiCo Foundation


The PepsiCo Foundation has generously partnered on Save the Children’s child survival and well-being programs in India and Bangladesh. They also supported our child-focused emergency work in Japan, Pakistan and Haiti following major natural disasters, and helped us respond to a hunger emergency in West Africa. In 2010, the PepsiCo Foundation partnered with us in southeastern Kentucky to promote healthy lifestyles and good nutrition to over 5,000 children in rural counties that rank among Kentucky’s poorest. We then took the lessons learned from that success and replicated them across a broader swath of America through our Healthy Choices programming.

The Frito-Lay Foundation in Latin America supported nutrition education, school-based water and sanitation, and food security programming in Guatemala and Mexico. In addition, PepsiCo employees around the world provided funds to Save the Children through their employee matching gift programs.

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From May 15th through June 11th PVH Brands Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, IZOD and Van Heusen will be holding a global in-store, at register campaign for customers to donate to Save the Children across their outlet stores. In recent years, this campaign has helped raise over $350,000 a year for Save the Children’s U.S. and Early Education programming. For the first time, this year the in-store, at register giving campaign will also run a second time from August 8th- September 3rd.

Save the Children has partnered with PVH and their brands for over a decade. PVH Corporation provides Save the Children with millions of dollars in program support to focus on Save the Children’s Early Childhood Development work in the U.S., China, Bangladesh and India. In 2017, PVH will expand its partnership with Save the Children to Ethiopia in an initiative to focus on education and job training for youths. Since 2005, PVH has supported Save the Children’s work and mission with nationwide annual in-store donation campaigns. Through its PVH Cares initiative, customers of PVH brand outlet stores like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Izod and Van Heusen are encouraged to donate between $1 and $25 to the campaign when checking out at the store register. Save the Children is extremely grateful for all of the support we have received from the PVH Brands over the years.

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For 25 years, Scholastic and Save the Children have worked together to increase access to books for children living in poverty. Over the years, Scholastic has donated millions of books for use in our domestic literacy and early childhood education programs across the U.S. Scholastic and its employees have also supported our emergency response efforts around the world, including our responses to the 2010 Haitian earthquake, Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the typhoon that struck the Philippines in late 2013, and the floods in West Virginia in 2016.

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T.J. Maxx

T.J. Maxx

Save the Children and T.J.Maxx have worked together for over 30 years improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of children in the United States. This unique partnership involves a nationwide annual in-store fundraising promotion during the back-to-school time period, as well as the sale of branded Save the Children merchandise and reusable shopping bags throughout the year. Merchandise features children’s artwork, and a portion of the proceeds goes directly to Save the Children. T.J.Maxx has also been a supporter of Save the Children’s sponsorship programs, which allows employees to see firsthand the impact they make for children in the United States.

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Toys "R" Us, Inc.

Since 2005, Toys”R”Us and the Toys”R”Us Children’s Fund has raised more than $9 million dollars in support of Save the Children’s efforts to help educate and protect children in the United States and around the world.

In times of emergency, Toys”R”Us has helped ensure the safety of children in shelters and support their emotional recovery in the wake of large-scale crises. With contributions of more than $4.3 million in products and monetary grants, Toys”R”Us focused its efforts on the youngest victims of natural disasters, such as the recent Gulf Coast and West Virginia floods, Hurricane Sandy, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the tsunami in Southeast Asia. Toys"R"Us received a Corporate Recognition for Humanitarian Assistance honor for its disaster response work with Save the Children from InterAction, a coalition of U.S.-based international nongovernmental organizations focused on the world's poorest and most vulnerable people.

Expanding on their commitment to children, Toys”R”Us launched the #PlayWithPurpose campaign in 2016 which emphasized the importance of play in building the foundations for reading and mathematical literacy, and positive social-emotional development in young children. During the campaign, Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us customers were encouraged to donate at-register to support Save the Children’s early childhood development programs, bringing essential learning through play to children in need across the U.S. The partnership allowed the two organizations to team up and help kids by reaching out to moms and dads, through original content and compelling storytelling leveraged across digital, social, and in-store channels. In addition, Toys”R”Us worked with the Save the Children Early Childhood experts to deliver a play-based curriculum with new developmental toys to children in its Early Steps to School Success home-visitation program.

By now, we know the investment we make in children’s lives early on – even before they enter kindergarten – can have a dramatic impact on their ability to be successful academically and socially and well into their adult years. We are proud that together, Toys R Us and Save the Children are helping to ensure more families feel equipped to prepare their children for lifelong learning." – Amy von Walter, EVP Global Communications and Public Relations, Toys R Us ,Inc.

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The Wrigley Company Foundation continues to partner with Save the Children to improve children’s oral health, making a lasting difference for children with their generous support of our school health and nutrition programming worldwide. Since 2011, the Wrigley Company Foundation has supported a holistic school health, oral health, and nutrition program that gives health training to thousands of teachers and improves access to dental services for children.

As the Wrigley Company Foundation celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2017, we are proud to be one of its most strategic partners. Drawing on successful outcomes for children in 6 countries, today we are working in China, the Philippines and Viet Nam to achieve long term behavior change and improve oral health for children in the communities we serve. In total, to date we have reached 891,550 children, parents, teachers and oral health workers, and have delivered 165,702 oral health services through our partnership. Activities center around promoting child participation and leadership at the school level, as well as capacity strengthening of schools, communities and government.

Save the Children remains grateful for the Wrigley Company Foundation’s generous support, and for their dedication to the cause of underserved children. Our partnership is helping schoolchildren in some of the world’s poorest places improve their oral hygiene behaviors, reduce absenteeism and is elevating the importance of oral health on a large scale.

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