Fighting Hunger in Africa


More than 30 million children and adults across a swath of Africa face a devastating hunger crisis. Poor rainfall, crop failures and skyrocketing food prices and insecurity from Niger in the West to Kenya in the East have made it hard for parents to provide nutritious food for their children. Every day that young children go without eating the right nutritious foods puts them behind in their growth and development. What’s worse, it can weaken their immunity, making them vulnerable to killer diseases like diarrhea, malaria and pneumonia. We must stop hunger in Africa before it worsens, to help children survive and thrive.

Making a Difference Today: Explore the map above to find out how we help African children overcome hunger and despair. Every child deserves a life free from hunger.

Protecting the Future: The help children get today will also help them have a brighter tomorrow. Our health, education and nutrition programs help give children the building blocks they need to grow up happy, healthy and productive. Save the Children also helps farmers withstand natural disasters, such as the current drought. For example, we’ve trained farmers how to determine if their livestock need to be sold off while they are still healthy. For families who have herds of animals instead of a savings account, this program helps ensure that they can provide for their children, even in dire situations.

A Silver Lining: The rains have arrived in some regions just in time to help the farmers plant crops and help revive pastures. But the food crisis is far from over. We need your help to ensure these families make it through these next critical months leading up to the harvest, and that children continue to be able to thrive.

West Africa
More than 18 million people in West Africa are in the grip of a growing hunger crisis.
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South Sudan
The fragile new nation faces food shortages and a refugee crisis.
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East Africa
Join the fight against hunger in the Horn of Africa.
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“I'm still haunted by what I witnessed in West Africa. The ghostly remains of herds of livestock are everywhere. With their families' sources of food and income decimated, children who were chubby-cheeked and vibrant are now shadows of their former selves. We can stop this tragedy from unfolding further, but the time to act is right now.”
- Robert Laprade,
Associate Vice President, Department of Humanitarian Response for Save the Children