Helping Starving African Children

Famine has now been declared in parts of South Sudan and the UN has warned that Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen are also on the brink of catastrophe. Drought and brutal conflict have left 1.4 million children at imminent risk of starvation across Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria and South Sudan. Save the Children is warning the situation could be worse than the 2011 famine that claimed 260,000 lives.

We Know How to Help Hunger in Africa

  • Fight acute malnutrition in specialized treatment centers that bring children back from the brink of starving to death.
  • Prevent acute malnutrition through large scale emergency feeding programs when there is a lack of food in Africa.
  • Provide sustenance to millions of children in the grips of famines and hunger crises.
  • Prevent and overcome chronic malnutrition through breastfeeding support programs.
  • Help parents feed their children through farming and small business investments.

No Child Should be Hungry in Africa

Don’t let all the potential of Africa’s girls and boys go to waste. Just because they were born into hunger and poverty, doesn’t mean they can’t have a bright future. Together, we can empower African families to fight hunger and end poverty for this generation and beyond. When you donate money to Africa programs that fight hunger, you support our lifesaving work. Thank you for your generous support.

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