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Children cannot vote or influence public policies governing their lives. What's more, poverty is often overlooked in legislation affecting children. We help give a voice to the 16 million children living in poverty across America.

Helping Children Reach Their Potential

Save the Children champions education policies for children in low-income communities, collaborates with local partners to prevent and reduce childhood obesity through the Campaign for Healthy Kids, and changes policies to ensure children are taken into account before, during and after disasters.

America Earns C- on Kids

America's Report Card

America earned a lackluster C- grade on child well-being, according to a national report card released by First Focus and Save the Children: America's Report Card 2012: Children in the U.S.

Commissioned by Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn., retired) and Bob Casey (D-Pa.), America's Report Card provides a holistic picture of unmet needs in five areas of a child's life: economic security, early childhood education, K-12 education, permanence and stability, and health and safety. The report also urges the American people to take action to boost children's chances for success in school and life: vote in November's general election for candidates who support investments in children; hold elected officials accountable for commitments to help children succeed; and engage with other local leaders to improve the lives of children in their own communities.

Read the complete report.

Jennifer Garner

"The number of Americans living in poverty remains at a historic high, with nearly one in four children knowing all too well what it means to go without. Childhood poverty sets children up for failure in school, impacts their health, and can pre-determine the course of their lives. So why, then, are children being left out of the conversation during an election season in which the economy is the primary issue? We need to do better for our kids."

--Jennifer Garner, Artist Ambassador, Save the Children

Mark Shriver

"The presidential candidates this year are talking about building an even greater, more prosperous and more competitive nation. And yet, during the first presidential debate, neither candidate mentioned the poverty epidemic affecting the lives of 16 million children in America. Reducing the deficit is not mutually exclusive from reducing poverty. Childhood poverty costs our nation $500 billion per year. If the candidates are truly serious about building a stronger America, then a meaningful debate about ending childhood poverty must become part of the conversation."

--Mark Shriver, Senior Vice President, Save the Children's U.S. Programs

Our Results for Children

Save the Children's policy and advocacy work potentially benefits 40 million children around the country. Our obesity-fighting policies and partnerships alone are benefitting more than 22.4 million children. And since 2009, we've influenced disaster preparedness policy change in 22 states.

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