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Healing and Education through the Arts

Neha - The shoemaker’s daughter -- Nepal

By the smile on her face and the spring in her step, you’d never know that 4-year-old Neha and her family struggle to live on just $6 a day – the most her father, a shoemaker, and mother, a seamstress, can earn – or that her village has endured many years of dangerous conflict.

Neha attends a Save the Children-sponsored early childhood development center with integrated HEART programming. It’s a safe place where Neha can express her feelings, both good and bad, and learn critical skills – all of which help prepare her for transitioning to primary school. According to her mother, Neha loves school, especially HEART, never missing a day.

A happy, confident little girl who loves to learn. It’s no wonder Neha is her parents’ pride and joy

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Heart - Healing and Education through the Arts - Photo of Neha
Art work by Neha from the HEART program. The picture is of a person, apple, umbrella and eggplant.
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