Save the Children and Protecting Futures helps Teenage Girls in Ethiopia become Role Models in their Communities.

Protecting Futures - Meet Abeba

P and G - Meet Abeba

Meet Abeba: She’s 14 and a Role Model to Other Girls in her Community

This is Abeba. She is 14 years old and lives in Ethiopia. She’s studying hard, loves math, and wants to one day become an engineer. But for now, she’s dealing with the everyday challenges of being an 8th grader.

Abeba’s older sisters grew up during a time when there was not a lot of support for girls as they started getting their periods. Can you imagine going through all that alone? People in the village used to believe that when girls start getting periods, it meant that they had been sexually active! It's not true, but that's what people believed. By educating girls and others in the community, the Protecting Futures program has helped make sure that Abeba and her friends don't have to feel embarrassed or ashamed just for going through something as normal as puberty.

Before Save the Children stepped in, boys and girls in Abeba’s school shared the same bathrooms! Can you imagine?! There was no privacy for the girls during their periods and they were constantly teased by the boys.

Save the Children’s Protecting Futures Program has helped Abeba and her friends learn the basics about their own bodies and health, including how to deal with their periods. Save the Children has even built separate bathrooms for the boys and girls, giving girls like Abeba the privacy they need.

Today, Abeba is confident and ready to pass on all the awesome knowledge she’s learned to the younger girls in her community. She now sees that going through puberty doesn’t have to be a scary thing—it's just part of growing up. Just part of being a girl.

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