Save the Children and Protecting Futures gives Teenage Girls in Nepal the straight facts on Puberty.

Protecting Futures - Meet Sabrita

A girl's first period is a huge step into womanhood but what if it forced you to drop out of school?

Meet Sabitra, a 16-year-old girl living on the beautiful plains of Nepal. When she's not studying, Sabitra likes to sing and dance, even though she admits she "can't sing." Getting the facts straight about puberty can be tough in her community, so girls like Sabitra have had a hard time understanding why people treat them differently when they start getting their periods.

“It's difficult to be a girl in Nepal,” says Sabitra. "When I first got my period I was very scared because there was a lot of bleeding." Her mother told her not to touch anything, and to hide her clothes after washing them. Not knowing what was happening with her own body, Sabitra felt scared. She started missing school during her periods because she was afraid to go.

Save the Children's Protecting Futures program works with Sabitra's school and community to make sure everyone has the right info when it comes to talking about puberty. By giving girls like Sabitra the chance to talk openly about their changing bodies, Protecting Futures is making sure that girls get the education they need, so they grow up confident and make their dreams come true.

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