Employee Engagement

Save the Children offers employee engagement opportunities to complement corporate values, advance our partnership aspirations and ultimately achieve maximum impact for children. Together, we can transform children’s lives and the future we share.

A comprehensive list of employee engagement opportunities can be found in the brochure linked here. You can also scroll below for a few highlighted activities from our engagement menu. If you have any questions, please email Ashby Brown or call 475.999.3171.

Company-Wide Opportunities

Child Sponsorship

Through Save the Children’s child sponsorship program, employees can sponsor children in the U.S. or around the world and provide resources that empower entire communities — breaking the cycle of poverty for generations to come. Employees will foster meaningful relationships with their sponsored children through letters, photographs and frequent updates.

Calorie Cloud

Calorie Cloud is a platform developed to help you and your employees get active and healthy, while recycling the calories you collectively burn, turning them into life-saving nutrition for malnourished children around the globe through our relationship with MANA Nutrition. Your employees can connect over 100 fitness devices and applications to Calorie Cloud, making it flexible for varying fitness interests and goals.

Corporate Event Packages

Save the Children offers a variety of event packages for corporate partners, supporting fun and interactive ways for employees (and their families!) to feel deeply committed to our partnership. Our comprehensive event packages are designed to support and enhance your company’s employee engagement strategy. Contact us to order one of the toolkits below!

  • Company Picnic
  • Make the World Better with a Sweater
  • Take your Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Team-Based Opportunities

Letter Writing

Invite your employees to come together for a fun and meaningful opportunity to write letters for children in need of encouragement and support around the globe. Save the Children will provide assets, including information on our programs and local customs.

Throw a Prep Rally

Demonstrate your commitment to emergency preparedness by hosting a Prep Rally at your office. This activity will help prepare your employees, and their families, to protect and care for the most vulnerable among us in times of crisis - our children. Click here for more information about our Prep Rally program.

Program Visits

We invite employee teams to visit select programs in the U.S. or at an international location where your company funds a program. Participants will return with a strong connection to your company’s corporate social responsibility program and the people and projects it supports.

Kits for Kids

Kitting is a hands-on activity that provides your employees with a tangible connection to children in need. The kits are equipped with supplies purposefully designed to excite and encourage children to learn, play, and grow. Bring colleagues together to assemble child-oriented bags or kits during a lunch break or afternoon activity. Then work with Save the Children to ship the assembled bags directly to schools or communities that need them the most! There is a limited number of opportunities to kit, reach out to Ashby Brown to learn more.

Individual Opportunities

Gift Cards

Do you honor employees at the holiday season or reward them based on years of service? Align these incentives with your philanthropic strategy by giving them a Save the Children Gift Card. Employees can redeem gift cards for a donation of their choice to Save the Children’s programs. For more information about Save the Children’s gift cards, please visit our page.

Team Save the Children

Join Team Save the Children, our national endurance and fundraising program for some of the most prestigious marathon, half-marathon and triathlon events in the country. Your employees will not only be racing towards a healthier life, but they will be making a difference in the lives of children in the US and around the world. Click here to learn more about Team Save the Children.

Skills-Based Volunteering and Fellowships

Save the Children welcomes corporations and firms to lend their expertise and resources on a pro-bono basis. You can partner with key Save the Children staff on a project-by-project basis to help provide marketing, business and technology solutions.

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