Amina, Somalia Drought Survivor, Believes in Recovery

With help from generous donors like you, Amina’s children are receiving the support they need to get through the drought while she and her husband rebuild their livelihood. Photo credit : Michael Klosson
Save the Children’s Clemence Muzar and Michael Klosson have been in Ethiopia supporting relief efforts for survivors of an epic drought and food crisis. There they met a mother named Amina at a health center co-sponsored by Save the Children in Ethiopia near the country’s border with Somalia. Here is her story.

My family and I were displaced because of the drought and now live in Gubadley in Ethiopia.

I have four children, three boys and one girl. Two of them — under five years old — benefit from Save the Children’s health and nutrition program.

Today is the third time I have come to this health post [where Save the Children and the Ministry of Health jointly run an outpatient therapeutic feeding program].

My children and I are registered, and today I received the first step of my daughter’s treatment. We also received tablets to clean the water we collect from the river.

My children received a special [vitamin and nutrient fortified, calorie-dense] food for the past two distributions, but they have been slow to improve. However, I have seen improvements in my neighbor’s children thanks to the nutrition program. I deeply believe it will help my children too.

My husband and I used to live in Somalia. He cannot work because of a leg disability. We lost all our livestock because of the drought. We then decided to join our relatives so that the goats Save the Children gave us can benefit from the river nearby and survive.

Save the Children replaced our goats and helped restore our livelihood. They also enable our children to survive with food and medicine.

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