Selected Saving Newborn Lives Publications

Saving Newborn Lives has published and disseminated over 225 peer-reviewed publications and over 150 technical and policy briefs, training manuals, guidelines, and books to increase awareness, build the knowledge base, and spawn action for improving newborn health. Below are selected publications, please visit the Healthy Newborn Network to find additional newborn health resources from SNL and partners around the world.

National Situation Analyses

  1. Afghanistan: Saving the Lives of Mothers and Newborns in Afghanistan, March 2008
  2. Bangladesh: State of the World’s Newborns – Bangladesh, 2001
  3. Bolivia: El estado de los recien nacidos del mundo – Bolivia, 2002 
  4. India: State of India’s Newborns, 2004
  5. Malawi: State of the World’s Newborns – Malawi, 2002
  6. Nepal: State of the World’s Newborns – Nepal, 2002
  7. Nigeria: Saving newborn lives in Nigeria: Newborn health in the context of the Integrated Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Strategy, 2011
  8. South Africa: Every Death Counts: Saving the Lives of Mothers, Babies and Children in South Africa, 2008
  9. Tanzania: Tanzania’s Newborn Situation Analysis: Current situation, Existing Plans and Strategic Next Steps for Newborn Health, 2008
  10. Uganda: Situation Analysis of Newborn Health in Uganda: Current Status and Opportunities to Improve Care and Survival,2008
  11. Pakistan: Opportunities for Newborn Survival in Pakistan. Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan and Save the Children, Pakistan Country Office: May 2009

Newborn Health Greatest Hits:

 4 Million Neonatal Deaths: When? Where? Why? J Lawn, S Cousens, J Zupan.The Lancet, 2005.

Community-based interventions for improving perinatal and newborn health outcomes in developing countries: a review of the evidence. ZA Bhutta, GL Darmstadt, BS Hasan, et al. Pediatrics, 2005.

Consensus for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, 2009.

Countdown to 2015 decade report (2000—10): taking stock of maternal, newborn, and child survival. ZA Bhutta, M Chopra, H Axelson, et al. The Lancet, June 2010.

Effect of community-based newborn-care intervention package implemented through two service-delivery strategies in Sylhet district, Bangladesh: a cluster-randomised controlled trial. AH Baqui, S El-Arifeen, GL Darmstadt, et al. The Lancet, 2008.

Effect of home-based neonatal care and management of sepsis on neonatal mortality: field trial in rural India. A Bang, R Bang, S Baitule, H Reddy, M Deshmukh. The Lancet, 1999.

Evidence-based, cost-effective interventions: how many newborn babies can we save? GL Darmstadt, ZA Bhutta, S Cousens, et al. The Lancet, 2005.

Helping Babies Breathe. Guides and training materials, 2010.

Home Visits for the Newborn Child: A Strategy to Improve Survival. World Health Organization; UNICEF. 2009.

Intrapartum-Related Deaths: Evidence for Action. International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics, J.Lawn, G.Darmstadt, R.Goldenberg, eds. Volume 107, Supplement 1, October 2009.

Issue attention in global health: the case of newborn survival. Shiffman, J. The Lancet, June 2010.

Kangaroo mother care to prevent neonatal deaths due to preterm birth complications. J Lawn, JMwansa-Kambafwile, BL Horta, et al. International Journal of Epidemiology, 2010.

Neonatal Survival: A Call for Action. J Martines, VK Paul, ZA Bhutta, et al. The Lancet, 2005.

Newborn survival in low resource settings — are we delivering? Lawn, J., Kerber, K., Enweronu-Laryea, C. and Massee Bateman, O. BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 2009.

Opportunities for Africa's Newborns: Practical data, policy and programmatic support for newborn care in Africa. J Lawn and K Kerber, eds. Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health, 2006.

State of the World’s Newborns: A report from Saving Newborn Lives. A Costello, V Francis, A Byrne, and Puddephatt. Save the Children and Women & Children First, 2001.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Mothers, Newborns, and Children: How Many Lives Could Be Saved with Targeted Health Interventions? IK Friberg, MV Kinney, JE Lawn, et al. PLoS Medicine, June 2010.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Mothers, Newborns, and Children: Where and Why Do They Die? MV Kinney, KJ Kerber, RE Black, et al. PLoS Medicine, June 2010.

Systematic scaling up of neonatal care in countries. R Knippenberg, JE Lawn, GL Darmstadt, et al. The Lancet, 2005.

Looking for more newborn health resources? Visit the Healthy Newborn Network for the latest in open-access newborn health research, partner resources, tools, guidelines, news, events, photos, videos, and more — all available for free.

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