Matau Primary School Project

A Save the Children project that started out as a cattle-raising girl's dreams scribbled on a scrap piece of paper, and eventually grew into a vibrant primary school in Matau, Zimbabwe, has come to a close. Over the past three years, Save the Children has been honored to work with Tererai Trent and the Matau community on the Matau Primary School Project to make Tererai's childhood dream of providing the children in her village with a quality education a reality.

Over the course of the project, Save the Children, with support from the Oprah Winfrey Foundation, has provided the children of Matau with classrooms, a library, a playground, and many other facilities that contribute to the learning environment. In addition to infrastructure updates, the project improved learning and helped youngsters get back on track for school, reaching nearly 4,000 children in Matau and in neighboring communities.

This remarkable progress would not have been possible without the invaluable support of teachers, school administrators, local government, parents, grandparents and the countless volunteers.

At the end of July 2014, Save the Children handed over the Matau Primary School project to Tererai, the local government and the communities, so they may continue to show the children that whatever their dream may be, "tinogona"…it is achievable. Please visit Tererai's Tererai Trent International Foundation page for updates on the Matau community, and to support the foundation's ongoing work in Matau.

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