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Mother’s day report. Why should American moms care about babies in Africa?
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U.S. investments in maternal and child health help save millions of lives around the world — and help America. On this page: a Texas mom shares her story, a heralded CEO says U.S. economic growth depends on developing countries, and religious leaders call for a purpose-driven movement to save lives.

"The irony is that what saved Kate is a simple technique that works well in poor countries where access to technology — like reliable incubators — is difficult to maintain."

-- Jane McCasland
is a happily married mother of two
living in Midlothian, Texas.

"Today, 10 of the 15 largest importers of American goods and services are countries that graduated from U.S. foreign aid programs. Let’s make no mistake, investing in women and children abroad is an investment in our own economic future."

-- Anne M. Mulcahy
Former Xerox CEO, now chairman of the
board of trustees of Save the Children.

"Proven, cost-effective solutions exist that can save most of these lives for just a few dollars a day. People of faith need to go global to take on this fight."

-- Rick and Kay Warren
Saddleback Church founders; authors of the bestsellers, The Purpose-Driven Life,
and Say Yes to God.

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