Ivory Coast

Your support will help us protect very vulnerable children and provide desperately needed relief supplies to children and families inside both Liberia and the Ivory Coast

Over a million people, half of whom are believed children, are displaced today in the African nation of Ivory Coast. Election-related violence has created a humanitarian crisis many families are fleeing to neighboring Liberia.

Exhausted, hungry and in urgent need of basic services, many refugees walked for days in scorching heat to reach the Liberian border.

Children caught in the crisis face dire circumstances as the humanitarian situation in the country worsens. Without a large-scale humanitarian response, disease may start to claim the lives of malnourished children.

Save the Children's relief workers on the ground in Ivory Coast and over the border in Liberia are already helping support health and safety efforts. A recent delivery of medicine and medical supplies — enough for 40,000 people — will treat children, pregnant women, new mothers and people suffering with diseases such as malaria.

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Children Forced to Flee Violence in the Ivory Coast

Marie, Aurelie and Rachel are a few of the little girls who have witnessed violence, heard gunshots and were forced to flee their homes. “We were going to leave or else they would kill us,” said eight-year-old Aurelie.

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Voices from the Field: Aid Worker Interview

Listen a report from Save the Children's Emergency Field Manager in Liberia, Rae McGrath, to learn more about the situation and how we are responding to children's needs.

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A Boy's Life Turned Upside-down

Fighting broke out in Kevin’s village, forcing him and his family to flee their home. They lost everything — including their house, clothes and all their belongings.

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