Virtual Games Raise Funds to Benefit Children and Families

Newborn Popi, female, 6 days, at the clinic for her first post-natal checkup.

Save the Children and Zynga, the world's leading social games company, are teaming up from August 7th, 2013 - August 21, 2013 to support maternal and infant health. For a limited time, Zynga's, FarmVille, will be offering several virtual items, with Zynga's share of the purchase price benefitting Save the Children*

This program is in partnership with Zynga.org, whose mission is to help make the world a better place through games. Zynga.org works closely with Zynga Inc. and other game makers to promote and facilitate the use of social games for positive social impact. Zynga.org has inspired more than 1 million players to contribute more than $15 million through Zynga games. Visit www.facebook.com/zynga.org to learn more.

What are you waiting for? Get in on the fun and support Save the Children by playing FarmVille today!

Who is in the photo?

Newborn Popi, female, 6 days, at the clinic for her first post-natal checkup. Popi's mother Sheuli, 21, (in black shawl) is also receiving her first post-partum checkup since giving birth to Popi in the Shibpasa clinic. They are accompanied by Popi's grandmother Rabeya. They have come from the nearby village of Shantipur, This clinic has been renovated and staffed with support from Save the Children. As a result, women like Sheuli are able to receive proper medical care throughout their pregnancy, they are able to give birth in a clinic under the supervision of medical professionals, and they are able to receive post-partum checkups while their newborns receive post-natal checkups like this one. Shibpasa Clinic, Shibpasa union, Ajmiriganj upazila, Habiganj Division, Bangladesh.

*Zynga will donate its entire share of the purchase price, which is 70%, to Save the Children. The amount donated to Save the Children will be determined by calculating the aggregate value of purchases made using in-game currency by players who have previously made a purchase in FarmVille using real world-currency. An "exchange rate" will be used to determine the value of the in-game currency in U.S. dollars. Zynga will then remit 70% of that value to Save the Children. The remaining 30% of that value will be retained by the third-party transaction partner. Player purchases are not tax-deductible. Dates for this promotion may vary.

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