International Women’s Day 2011

Empowering Girls — It’s Worthwhile!

Save the Children celebrates the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day with videos of success stories of brave women and girls.

In many poor communities around the world, sons are considered a blessing, while daughters are viewed as a burden. Often, families marry off their daughters early — sometimes as young as 9. Then, education ends and health risks grow. Young mothers and their babies are far more likely to die from complications during pregnancy and birth. Yet more than 16 million adolescent girls give birth a year — 95 percent of them in the developing world.

But what happens when you give a girl a voice? Save the Children, in partnership with the Nike Foundation, is helping girls develop the resources, skills and confidence to participate in planning their future. The Girls’ Voices project empowers girls and encourages families to let daughters prove just how much they have to offer.

Shathi’s Story: Breaking the Cycle of Early Marriage

Like many girls in rural Bangladesh, Shathi was forced to marry young and drop out of school. She had her first child at 15. See what she did with the confidence she gained and the negotiating skills she learned at Save the Children’s Girls’ Voices project.

Shilpi’s Story: Yes She Can!

Shilpi’s mother didn’t have high hopes for her oldest child, because she was a girl. See what happened when Shilpi learned financial and business skills and gained the confidence to put them to use. Learn more about Save the Children’s livelihoods work.

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