Turmoil in Egypt, Libya and Beyond Puts Children at Risk

Children in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain and other countries facing political revolt must be protected, especially at rallies and demonstrations. 

An injured young opposition supporter waves a flag in Tahrir Square in Cairo February 10, 2011. REUTERS/ Yannis Behrakis courtesy of www.alertnet.org.

The wave of political unrest continues in Yemen, Syria, Libya and Egypt. Situations throughout the Middle East and North Africa are tenuous, at best, and full blow humanitarian criss at worst. 

Save the Children is calling on all parties to ensure children are protected from increased risk.

Our aid workers continue to lead humanitarian relief efforts, education and newborn child survival programs in impoverished communities in many of the beleaguered nations.

Emboldened by rebellions in Tunisia and Egypt, protests in Yemen have grown in recent days. Hundreds of pro- and anti-government protesters have clashed violently. Save the Children is expanding relief efforts in Yemen to support ongoing and urgent needs as a result of the political situation.

"Save the Children has a dire need for funds to help us provide water, blankets, soap and other basic necessities for children who have had to flee their homes," reports Sanna Johnson, Regional Director Save the Children Sweden, Middle East and North Africa.

"We will also be providing protective and health services to keep girls and boys safe from harm, illness and injury during this difficult time."

Donate now to the Yemen Children in Crisis Fund

Save the Children continues to support relief efforts in the wake of a violent uprising in Libya. In response to the unrest and emerging refugee crisis, our emergency relief teams are responding with vital humanitarian aid.

More than a million children in western Libya are in serious danger as groups fight for control of key towns and cities, including the country's capital Tripoli.

A thirteen year-old boy described the climate of fear in the city. "I'm terrified, scared, not feeling safe, and I'm afraid I'll be an orphan," he said. "I've heard that fathers of my friends are being taken and 'disappeared.'"

Donate now to the Libya Children in Crisis Fund

Children were injured during violent protests; many could remain at risk in the uncertain days ahead. Serving the boys and girls of Egypt since 1982, Save the Children supports programs including newborn health and positive youth development. 

Save the Children country director Geof Giacomini blogs from Cairo about the needs of children in the aftermath of the revolution. Read his post about Baraka, a street child he met in Tahrir Square

Children in Emergency Fund
When conflict erupts or disaster strikes, chaos reigns. But Save the Children’s relief workers help keep babies and little ones safe and calm in many countries around the world. They help protect boys and girls from harm, sickness and hunger.

During these difficult times, and to help us prepare for the worst, we hope generous supporters like you will make a charitable contribution to our Children’s Emergency Fund. And while your contribution will not be earmarked for a response in a specific country, you will help us prepare for emergencies around the world by contributing to our Children's Emergency Fund.


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