Save the Children Participates in ABC Program on Global Health

On Friday, Dec. 17, ABC News began a year-long odyssey — covering a story that spans the world; challenging Americans to save untold lives. "Be the Change: Save a Life" sets out on a journey across three continents and into nine countries, focused on the health conditions endured by the poorest of the poor — and some of the innovations that may be able to save them.


Lack of proper sanitation and clean water makes children sick and hampers their education. That’s why Save the Children provides safe and child-friendly water, sanitation, hygiene facilities and education in Bangladesh — and in more than 20 countries around the world.

In Bangladesh, crowded villages and frequent floods are just some of the obstacles to safe drinking water and working toilets for school children. Arsenic contaminates shallow groundwater in the country’s river deltas. Over 35 million people at risk of arsenic poisoning — many of them vulnerable children.

Seasonal monsoons and cyclones often damage or destroy existing sanitation facilities, triggering disease outbreaks and polluting safe water supplies.

You can help support Save the Children’s work to educate school children on proper health and hygiene. Your contribution will also help bring clean water and sanitation to schools by installing wells, water pumps and latrines. Please donate to our Bangladesh Clean Water Fund

Josna, age 8, pumps water to wash dishes and cookware from the house where she lives with her grandmother before heading to a morning class at Shikon, the informal school supported by Save the Children.

Bangladesh SHIKHON Education Programs

Last Updated February 2011
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