World AIDS Day 2010

Celebrate New Hope for Orphans and Vulnerable Children on December 1
Think U.S.-funded HIV/AIDS programs in Africa are only about providing drug treatment? Think again. Hear from Cokie Roberts - political correspondent and Save the Children Trustee - how large-scale projects are fostering new hope by empowering African communities to care for orphans and other children affected by HIV and AIDS. Then share the video with your friends.

530,000 Ethiopian children have been served by the program "Positive Change: Children, Communities and Care." This video drew in part on a new book about the program’s partnership-based strategy. Download the PDF here

More than 17 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Many millions more children go without adequate food, shelter, education, care and support because their families and communities are strained by the AIDS crisis.

You Can Help Build Lasting Change for More Children Affected by HIV and AIDS...

See how PBS’s NewsHour covered HEART — Save the Children’s “Healing and Education Through Art” program in Mozambique — just in time for World AIDS Day.

Read About the HEART Program

From working with Mozambican HIV/AIDS activists to put a focus on children's needs when delivering home-based care for sick adults to empowering rural PTAs in Uganda to advocate on behalf of children excluded from the government school system, Save the Children is investing in sustainable change for children affected by HIV and AIDS.

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