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How We Use Our Funds
89% on Program Services - You can be assured that Save the Children spends dollars efficiently.

In fiscal year 2012, 89 percent of all expenditures went to program services. That percentage is an average for all of Save the Children

Save the Children has a proven track record of using donations efficiently and effectively. From school children who send their allowance for relief efforts to the largest philanthropic donors, we cherish all of our supporters. You can be assured that Save the Children uses the valuable resources donors have provided in the most cost effective ways possible.

Our independently audited financial statements consistently show that nearly nine out of every ten dollars we spend goes to programs and services for children and families in desperate need.

How You Can Contribute to Our Efforts
Make a difference by supporting all the work that Save the Children does to help children in need in the U.S. and around the world.

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Progress Report Q1/Q2 2013/Annual Report
> Full Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal Year 2012
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> 2010 Form 990
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Additional Information and 990s
Information concerning Save the Children Federation, Inc., including copies of its IRS Forms 990 and 990-T, may be obtained without cost by calling 1.800.728.3843, writing to Save the Children Federation, Inc. at 54 Wilton Road, Westport, CT 06880 or sending an email to

Fiscal Year 2012 Snapshot

Financial Pie Charts 2012
Condensed Audited Financial Information
for the 12-month-period ending December 31 ($ in 000s)
Child Sponsorship $48,530 $43,768
Private Gifts, Grants & Contracts(incl. bequests) 286,469 326,539
U.S Government Grants & Contracts 174,311 170,460
Commodities and Ocean Freight 72,481 57,273
Other Revenue 15,438 20,587
Total Operating Revenue 597,229 618,627
Program Services    
Program Activities - Save the Children USA 396,418 474,086
Program Activities - Save the Children International 122,849 34,924
Program Development & Public Policy Support 28,862 30,127
Total Program Services 548,129 539,137
Fundraising 38,502 39,070
Management & General - Save the Children USA 22,121 21,144
Management & General - Save the Children International 8,716 5,924
Total Operating Expenses 617,468 605,275
Excess/(Deficit)* of Operating Revenue over Operating Expenses (20,239) 13,352

Excess/(deficit) Related to Unrestricted Funds 3,087 160
Excess Related to Temporary Restricted Funds (16,594) 13,192

Non-Operating Activity (endowment gifts & pledges, investment earnings and exchange gain/loss) 8,629 1,923
Total Operating Revenue and Non-Operating Activity 605,858 620,550
Total Operating Expenses 617,468 605,275
Increase/(Decrease) in Net Assets (11,610) 15,275
Net Assets, Beginning of Fiscal Year 194,511 179,236
Net Assets, End of Fiscal Year $182,901 $194,511
Program Expenses as a Percent of Total Expenses 88.8% 89.1%
Pie Chart Ratio Without Donated Media 89.9% 90.7%
Net Assets as a Percent of Operations 29.6% 32.1%
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* The operating deficit in 2012 and surplus in 2011 mainly represent the difference between spending against designated gifts received in prior and current years compared to the volume of new gifts raised for those programs for future years. The new gifts primarily supported major emergency activities in Pakistan (floods), Haiti (earthquake), Japan (earthquake/tsunami) and the Horn of Africa (food crisis). The majority of the revenue for these emergencies was raised in 2010-2011 but spent in the 2010-2012 timeframe.

In 2012, on average, based on 2011 costs to administer cash gifts (non Gifts-in-Kind) donated for current use, Save the Children charged 7 percent for fundraising, 5 percent for management and general, and 5 percent for program development and public policy support.