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Be a Champion for Needy Children in the U.S. and around the World

You can fundraise for Save the Children on your own, with your family, friends or any group to which you belong. Our Volunteer Fundraising Guide can help you take action on a fundraising activity.

Fundraising Success Story

Mimi and child


In 2006, Mimi O'Hagan visited northern Ethiopia, a historical and rugged area where she decided to build a primary school with the help of her family and friends. 6 years later, her project "Mimi's Building Blocks" has resulted in the building of four educational centers that incorporate Save the Children’s programs and provide immeasurable opportunities to hundreds of children through grade 8. Mimi has raised over $650,000 to provide life changing education and community services for children and families in Tigray. Read Mimi's Story

For more information on how you can get your community involved please contact:

1,000 Tigray residents with livestock walked to attend the opening of Two Mimi School in Afgol
1,000 Tigray residents with livestock, walked to attend the opening of "Two Mimi School" in Afgol
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