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About Armenia

Save the Children has been operating in Armenia since 1993. Save the Children's efforts aim to build a society in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Strengthening state institutions and mechanisms for the implementation and monitoring of child's rights; advocating for reforms to prevent, identify and address child rights and protection concerns; and increasing awareness and capacity children and civil society actors to push realization of children's rights and their participation in decision making processes.

Facts About

More than 3 Million
live there

About 9% of girls and boys are out of school

14 out of 1000 children die
before their 5th birthday

Our Work

In the past two decades Save the Children has delivered more than $50 million in relief and development programs to the most vulnerable children and their families. The vital health, education and social initiatives have helped improve basic conditions of the poorest populations through community-based projects and capacity building of local partners and institutions. Save the Children actively collaborated with central and local government bodies, international and national non-governmental organizations and agencies to protect children's rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our Work in

Last Year, Save the Children...

supported 324
in times of crisis

Unless otherwise noted, facts and statistics have been sourced from Save the Children’s 2017 End of Childhood Report. You can access detailed data here.

Other sources as follows: Population: CIA World Factbook 2015;

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