Fighting for Starving Children

In rural mountainous Guatemala, Save the Children is helping undernourished preschoolers like Isabella grow and gain weight.

Families Need Your Help to Fight for Starving Children

Children are more likely to be healthy and educated when their families are not worried about where the next meal will come from. But in many rural parts of the world, families urgently need support to grow or buy a variety of foods for their children to thrive. To effectively fight for starving children and improve children's well-being, nutritious food must be made available to families, and families must have the means to buy it.

About Our Programs

To help parents provide for their children's basic nutritional needs, Save the Children's Hunger and Livelihoods programs focus on improving the food supply, farming practices and finances of families in need.

  • We give families basic food staples following a natural disaster or emergency.
  • We teach parents about the importance of providing their child with the right variety of foods to prevent malnutrition.
  • We train small-scale farmers on how to prevent the loss of crops or livestock to drought, floods or disease.
  • We guide family farmers on how to grow more nutritious foods, in larger quantities to eat or to sell, and how to raise animals for meat, eggs or milk.
  • We help families access basic financial products like savings or insurance so they can persevere through challenging times, or start and expand their small businesses.
  • And, we give youth the skills to succeed — like building their savings, teaching them how to manage money, and get a job and/or build a business.

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fighting for starving children

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Tom's fights for starving children

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How You Can Help

Charitable contributions from people like you make it possible for us to support hunger programs and so much more. Please support our mission and work around the world with a gift to our Global Action Fund. You can count on us to be good stewards of your generous donation, helping vulnerable children where the need is greatest with whatever they need the most.

Last Updated June 2015

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