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Shop, Sell, and Donate for a Good Cause with eBay Giving Works!

eBay Giving Works aims to shine a spotlight on ending hunger and helping children in need this holiday season. Save the Children can use your help by buying, selling and/or donating on eBay.

Last year during the holiday season donations from the eBay Community auctions helped Save the Children raise $70,000! Let's make this year even better for children!

Here's How You Can Help

    • Save us as your favorite nonprofit on eBay and support us every time you buy and sell

    1. Whenever you make a purchase on eBay and pay with PayPal, you can donate $1 (or more) to Save the Children at checkout. Save us now!
    2. Each time you create a listing you will be able to easily designate a percentage of your sale to Save the Children. Click here for helpful tips to create your listings. Once you save us as your favorite you can skip the first two steps.

    • Shoppers: making a difference with every purchase

The blue and yellow ribbon identifies listings that support nonprofits through eBay Giving Works. See current auctions in support of Save the Children and find great gifts for the holidays.

    • Donate now: providing cash contributions

If you can’t find anything to buy or sell, anyone with a PayPal account can make an online cash donation of as little as $1 to Save the Children (or another nonprofit) through the Donate Now program. Shoppers also can donate at eBay checkout.

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eBay Giving Works: powered by MissionFish

MissionFish, an independent nonprofit organization, provides crucial services to eBay Giving Works such as screening nonprofits that wish to become members, processing the millions of dollars in donations that result through eBay Giving Works, and more.

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Last Updated November 2010