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Life of a Child

Every child deserves a strong start – the best chance for a successful future. But too many children right here in the U.S. and around the world aren’t getting the opportunity to reach their full potential. You can help change that. If you sponsor a child, then you’ll give them the gift of a brighter future.

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Transform the Life
of a Child in Need

When you sponsor a child, you achieve a special kind of giving that creates a relationship between you and the community where Save the Children's caring professionals are helping to change the future. Sponsorship provides essential aid and education to improve the well-being of children. It gives you the opportunity to witness young lives transformed for the future. When you sponsor a child, two lives are changed: a child's and yours!

Sponsor a Child

sponsor a child

Did you know that only about a third of 4th graders in the U.S. can read at grade level? If disadvantage students are mentored, then they can transform into lifelong learners.

U.S. Sponsorship Programs
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In 2014, more than 168,000 sponsors helped Save the Children reach over 2.1 million children in 21 of the neediest countries in the world.

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When you sponsor a child you are transforming children’s lives — and futures. Meet some of our sponsored children and read their success stories.

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Sponsor a Child