Sponsor a Child

for less than a dollar a day you can change the life of a child

How Sponsoring a Child Makes a Difference

You can create a lasting, personal bond and change a child's life by helping provide health care, education and much more — all for less than $1 a day. Somewhere out there, a little girl or boy is waiting for you to become their sponsor.

Sponsoring a child helps provide girls and boys with a healthy and successful start to their life — early childhood development, education, school health. Your generosity helps your sponsored child and lifts entire communities. As a child sponsorship organization, our programs reach parents, caregivers and community members.

Together we help save children's lives, protect them from harm and provide them with hope for the future. When you sponsor a child, you're not helping a needy child - you're sponsoring children who need your help to reach their full potential for a brighter future.

sponsor a child

How Sponsorship Helps

Through the power of Sponsorship, you help ensure a child in need has the best chance for success — with a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm.

sponsor girl

Early Steps to School Success

Did you know that only about 1 out of 3 4th graders in the U.S. can read at grade level? If disadvantaged students are mentored, then they can transform into lifelong learners.

Sponsor girl

Make a Difference

Together with our sponsors, we are transforming children’s lives — and futures. Meet some of our sponsored children and read their success stories.

How Sponsorship Works

Because of your dedicated support, Save the Children stops at nothing to help children thrive. Sponsorship provides children the chance at a healthy start and the opportunity to learn to grow into productive, engaged citizens

Early Childhood Care and Development prepares children for future success by providing a strong foundation for their formal education.

Basic Education is a right of all children. This program works to improve the learning experience and success for all students.

School Health and Nutrition addresses student health issues. Healthy children are able to attend school and thus increase their learning capability.

Adolescent Development addresses the needs of youth so they can actively contribute to their own well-being and the community overall.

Innovation spans across all programs. Sponsorship allows for development of interventions that best meet children's needs.

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