Powerful Earthquake Strikes China’s Sichuan Province

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When disaster strikes, the impact isn’t always fully known and the need for help is not immediately clear. What we do know is that we must be ready to address the unmet needs of children and their families, drawing from our experience in countless other disaster responses.
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FAIRFIELD, Conn. (August 8, 2017)— A 6.5 magnitude earthquake hit Jiuzhaigou in China’s Sichuan province on Tuesday night. The epicentre is close to a popular tourist resort and about 175 miles from Chengdu city. According to Chinese media, quoting the emergency response office, the earthquake has left nine dead and 164 injured, including 32 seriously. China’s National Commission for Disaster Reduction estimated that 24,000 houses are at risk of serious damage or collapse. Information is still coming through and the extent of the damage is unknown.

"Given the frequent landslides in the rainy season and potential massive secondary disaster following the big earthquake, Save the Children is deeply concerned about the safety of children and women in the affected areas," said Dr. Zhang Hongxia, Save the Children’s Program Operations Director. "We are currently building the rapid needs assessment team so that we can respond to the needs of children and their families as they become apparent."

Save the Children has a strong presence in Sichuan province and prior to this responded to the deadly Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 and Ya’an earthquake in 2013.

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