Hundreds of Thousands of Syrian Refugees Hit by Winter Snow Storms in Lebanon, Jordan

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (Dec. 12, 2013) — As cold winter storms hit Lebanon and Jordan, Save the Children staff worked through the night in Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan evacuating families whose tents had flooded due to the snow into our child-friendly spaces and providing them with warm food and blankets. Staff members are distributing children's winter clothing and winter kits for adults as snow continues to fall.

In Lebanon, refugees living in flimsy tented settlements in the Bekaa Valley have found their makeshift homes covered in snow as the start of the brutal winter in northern Lebanon sets in. Conditions are set to get worse over the coming months of winter as the number of refugees arriving in Lebanon continues to rise.

This snow is the first sign of the treacherous winter in the region that will only increase suffering for children and their families until March. Between November and February, temperatures can drop below freezing in the region and with more than two million refugees — one million of them children — the humanitarian crisis will worsen in the coming months.

Save the Children has been distributing kits containing winter clothing, blankets and items to reinforce shelters to help prepare families for the winter in Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, and will continue to provide support to them over the winter.

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