Save the Children Welcomes Syria Peace Talks

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Francine Uenuma 202.450.9153

WESTPORT, Conn. (Nov. 25, 2013) — Save the Children welcomes the United Nations’ announcement of Syria peace talks in Geneva on Jan. 22, 2014. Peace cannot come soon enough for Syria’s children, who are dying in their thousands and suffering in their millions because aid cannot reach them.

With the World Health Organization’s confirmation of cases of polio in Syrian children, we are heading towards an epidemic of this devastating disease unless vital vaccines reach the most vulnerable.

As the agenda for the talks is being considered, Save the Children calls on all parties to the conflict to back a three point pledge to protect Syria’s children.

Specifically, we call on all parties:

  1. To ensure aid reaches all children who are in need;
  2. Not to target schools and hospitals, and not to use these as military bases;
  3. Not to use explosive weapons (with wide area impact) in populated areas.

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