Save the Children aid reaches those in most need in Tacloban

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WESTPORT, Conn.(November 16, 2013) — The relief effort is well under way in the Philippines as aid is starting to reach those in most need and more is on the way.

Loading a Ferry with supplies after Typhoon Haiyan

Supplies being loaded onto a ferry that is due to arrive in Tacloban.

  • On Saturday 16th November Save the Children distributed blankets, family hygiene kits, and household kits to 280 families living in incredibly close quarters in a former school in Tacloban.
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  • There are seven families crammed into every classroom, with children sleeping on desks, and without any access to electricity or running water. The risk of disease in such conditions is incredibly high and so vital hygiene kits were distributed and Save the Children volunteers delivered important health advice.
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  • On Sunday 17th November a barge carrying more than 25 tons of aid items and essential household kits will arrive in the afternoon
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  • On Sunday 17th November a DFID flight carrying over 95 tonnes of aid including water and sanitation equipment, including 20 tonnes of vital supplies of medicine and newborn kits for Save the Children, is scheduled to depart from the East Midlands early in the morning.
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  • On Monday 18th November a British Airways relief flight carrying vital aid including equipment for Save the Children to provide over 310,000 litres of safe drinking water will depart from London Stansted heading straight for Cebu in the Philippines.

Save the Children is also in the process of setting up 6 mobile health clinics in Tacloban, which will become operational w/c 18th November.

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