Statement: Violence in Gaza, Southern Israel Threatens Innocent Children

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FAIRFIELD, Conn. (July 10, 2014) — The spiralling violence in southern Israel and Gaza has to stop now before more innocent children and civilians lose their lives.

Children and families in Israel are living in fear as hundreds of rockets fall down indiscriminately from Gaza.

Families we talked to on the ground in Gaza told us how their children are terrified, with no safe places to go to for refuge, as bombs kept falling on Gaza in the Israeli operation.

“Children are the ones who always, inevitably, bear the worst consequences of any armed conflict," said Save the Children's Co-Country Director in the occupied Palestinian territory, David Hassell. "The use of explosive weapons directed at populated areas in Israel or Gaza kills children and destroys vital infrastructure. International law is clear that indiscriminate attacks are prohibited. Israeli and Palestinian children have the right to be freed of the fear of living constantly under fire.”

Save the Children is concerned that essential supplies of food, medicine and fuel are running out in the blockaded enclave, which already in "normal times" over the last seven years has witnessed peaks of scarcity affecting the entire population.

"The solution to this conflict is only diplomatic," David Hassell said. "Save the Children calls on all parties to stop the violence, re-establish a ceasefire and agree to long-term measures that would allow Israelis and Palestinians to live without the fear of kidnappings and military actions that have been dominating their lives for far too long."

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