Save the Children Launches Emergency Response to Devastating Pakistan Floods

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WESTPORT, Conn. (September 12, 2011) — Save the Children has launched an emergency response to get life-saving help to children and their families after torrential flooding in Sindh province, Pakistan.

Hundreds of thousands of people — many of whom had not fully recovered from the catastrophic 2010 floods that destroyed millions of families’ livelihoods — have once again lost their homes. Close to 200 people, including twenty seven children, are known to have died so far and many more have been injured. The numbers are expected to rise. Flood water has risen up to nine feet in some places, leaving children and their families scrambling to find shelter, food and clean water.

Save the Children is working with local partners to deliver shelter material, emergency health kits and household kits including soap, buckets and blankets to families in need. The children’s organization will launch a major emergency response to reach 1 million people in four of the worst affected areas in the coming days.

The heavy rain is expected to continue for another two days. More than 5 million people have so far been affected.

“Children living in Sindh were already very weak and vulnerable following last year’s floods, and rates of malnutrition are high,” said Faris Kasim, spokesperson for Save the Children in Pakistan. “Now thousands of children are again having to survive in the cold, at risk of disease and facing an even tougher struggle to get the food they need.

“It’s crucial we provide life-saving supplies to the affected population as fast as possible to make sure children have shelter and are protected from life-threatening disease. Roads that had not been repaired since the last floods have again been severely damaged, which means conditions are very challenging. But our teams are on the ground, and we are ramping up our emergency response to save children’s lives.”

The flooding has inundated more than 4 million acres of land and destroyed 1.7 million acres of crops, including cotton crops that are a crucial source of income for families in the region. More than 965,232 houses have been damaged or destroyed. A total of 1,800 schools have been damaged and many occupied by people fleeing the floods.

Save the Children has been working in Pakistan for more than 30 years and is already supporting nearly 7 million people in the country.

Donate now to the Pakistan Floods Children's Emergency Fund.

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