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Event Info:

Shamsia Challenge your friends to get up and get active! Organizing a full marathon, half marathon or 5K race in honor of Save the Children is a fun and healthy event where you can Run for Kids here in the US and around the world!
Event Location:

Event Schedule:

You are welcome to schedule your event at anytime, anywhere! This fundraising site will be live until 9/16/2016!9/15/2015 - 9/16/2016
Fundraising Page Registration: No Fees
Fundraising Page Registration


Participant Level
Champion ($500.00 - $5,000.00) 

Marathon ($251.00 - $500.00) 

Cross Country ($101.00 - $250.00) 

Runner ($43.00 - $100.00) 

Sprinter ($1.00 - $42.00) 

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