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Susan and Bob's Wedding

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Join us in our efforts to support Save the Children Federation, Inc!

Dear family and friends,

When I joined Save the Children four years ago, I had no idea it would not only change my residence (requiring me to leave my beloved Washington and move to the nutmeg state, oh no!), but my whole life. The result is I'm making a difference every day in the life of someone, somewhere around the world. The kids and families I have met in my travels have made me laugh, and made me cry (okay, no surprise). Whenever I have a bad day, they inspire me to keep going. And going. I have the best job in the world.

My move to CT impacted me in another way, too, as I found the love of my life, a New York-born surfer dude who is even more sensitive than me! It was a made in heaven. Bob recently joined me on one of my trips to the field. He survived the 110 degree heat of India to bring birthday cake to the street kids attending a Save the Children-sponsored school in Delhi. He sat with a group of them, learning their stories, making sure they knew the world cared about them. I knew then that he was not only crazy enough to take on me, but all my passions too. Saving children is not that different from saving animals neither have a voice in this world and both need our help.

That's why, in lieu of gifts, Bob and I would greatly appreciate a donation to Save the Children to support the amazing work of our people in the U.S. and around the globe. We would be honored if you could help us celebrate our union in this way. I promise you it's money well spent!

With love,
Susan and Bob
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