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United for the Syrian Children

can provide pots, pans, mattresses and other household basics for a homeless refugee family
($250.00 +)
can provide a family with a month’s worth of food basics including rice, beans and tomato sauce
($100.00 +)
can provide newborn baby care for mother and child, including doctor visits
($50.00 +)
can provide a soccer ball for kids to play with in our youth programs
($10.00 +)

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Today, we will stop watching and we will start acting #UNITED4THEM

Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict children have been the forgotten victims of Syria's war.

Should we keep watching these children suffer without schools to go to, without a sense of physical safety and emotional protection, and without a chance to thrive? An entire generation is at risk of losing its future.

They deserve the same chance to survive in life like we had.

Mazen Mroueh, Selma Helbaoui, Wassim Shams and Sherin Bodekji, all friends from different countries, united in order to raise awareness and raise funds to help the Syrian Children on behalf of Save the Children Organization. They will be running the Madrid Marathon in April 2014 and hope people will support them and motivate them by donating to their cause.

Their goal is to raise $5000 on behalf of Save the Children Organization and they believe if each one of us donates something they can raise the amount in less than a month.

How can you help?

- Support them financially: Donate today. Any small amount can make a huge difference.

- Support them emotionally: Get, swim, hike, jog, meditate, climb or cycle and let the world know. Share your achievements with your friends using #UNITED4THEM and get them to cheer for you by donating. Direct them to this page and let's get united for them today.

Join their forces today and help in changing the future of Syrian children.
The raised money will go directly to Save the Children Organization to help keep the children safe, providing them with basic needs such as food, blankets and offering programs to help them cope with this tragedy.

So far there are more than 5 million children who are in need of assistance. More than 1 million have been forced to seek refuge outside of Syria and 1 in 3 children have been hit, kicked or attacked while 7000 innocent children have been killed.
On their behalf, we want to thank you for being their hero.
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