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Omar Abu Omar

can provide pots, pans, mattresses and other household basics for a homeless refugee family
($250.00 +)
can provide a family with a month’s worth of food basics including rice, beans and tomato sauce
($100.00 +)
can provide newborn baby care for mother and child, including doctor visits
($50.00 +)
can provide a soccer ball for kids to play with in our youth programs
($10.00 +)

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Join me in my efforts to support Save the Children Federation, Inc.

Thank you for passing by. I will be running the Madrid Marathon in Spain on April 27, 2014. I've never done any fundraising before, but I intend to do this more often to support charitable causes and in the aim to somehow try and make someone else's life better. The charity of choice is Save The Syrian Children. According to the Syrian social affairs ministry, there are over 350,000 displaced families internally in Syria (Just internally). This is an astonishing number and there are hundreds of thousands of children who are in danger of losing their future. Let's try and help out. Your support would be highly appreciated, you and I never know who will have his or her life changed to the better, even if it was a wee bit better :)

For BitCoin donations: 1NUSdigr479twGGHJBY4U66Yg1MnqKpbGE
OR scan the QR code on:

I will be posting updates on social media about my training and the fundraising progress in general using the #Omar4Syria hashtag

Thank you for supporting Save the Children Federation, Inc. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

#OmarRuns #عمر_يركظ #Omar4Syria

شكرا لزيارتكم صفحتي للتبرعات.
سوف أقوم بمشيئة الله بالركض (أو كما أسميه تهكميا: الركظ) في ماراثون مدريد في إسبانيا في 27 ابريل ٢٠١٤.
وفي محاولتي الأولى هذه لجمع التبرعات، اخترت منظمة انقذوا الأطفال السوريين لأدعمها من خلال الركض لجمع التبرعات، كما أنوي القيام بهذا أكثر في المستقبل بأمل أن أغير حياة أطفال محتاجين للأفضل. وهذا أكيد سيتحقق بمساعدتكم ودعمكم مهما كان دعماً بسيطاً. ساهموا بتبرعاتكم وبنشر الخبر، وقد تكونوا أنتم سبب سعادة طفل أو عدة أطفال 😊 -

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جزيل الشكر و التقدير لمساعدتكم و تبرعاتكم

#OmarRuns #عمر_يركظ #Omar4Syria
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